7th Annual Latin American FlexSim Competition Underway

This fall marked the official start of the latest Latin American FlexSim Competition, the 7th year of the successful student simulation event. Fifty-four teams will be participating, representing 24 universities from the nations of Ecuador, México, Colombia, Uruguay, and Perú.

FlexSim Competition

Each of the student-led teams will work to compare different scenarios in FlexSim. The teams will be provided with training and resources to gain proficiency using FlexSim simulation software, and will have opportunities to meet with a client representative to discuss the project.

Teams have until December 17th to deliver their solution. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three teams, all three of which will be announced in February 2016. The winning team will be honored in a ceremony in February, and will be awarded a total $1,700 USD in prize money. For more details on the competition, please visit https://www.flexsim.com/competition/.