Advent2 Labs presents FlexSim-based game at AsiaSim 2013

Advent2 Labs, the FlexSim distributor in Singapore, presented a simulation game with an accompanying paper at AsiaSim 2013.

According to David Chan of Advent2 Labs, the event featured a plethora of academic researchers who were looking into applying simulation into learning scenarios. Some of the researchers developed games from scratch using the Java programming language, but David sought to create a game using the FlexSim engine, which reduced the lead time in development.

“The game we designed is a beer game, which is used in the Supply Chain program in most universities and professional training in order to illustrate the Bullwhip Effect,” David explained. “It shows that a small variation in consumer demand at the market could cause a tsunami at the upstream suppliers.”

Beer Game, a simulation game

The associated paper was titled “Development of an Interactive Game as Educational Tool Using an Off-shelf Simulation Application” and was authored by David Chan and Poey Ching Neo. They describe the game as expanding simulation to become “a platform for interactive game development for [an] educational purpose.” The paper can be found here.

For those interested in the game: contact Advent2 Labs at [email protected].

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