FlexSim announces new distributors in Gulf region, Pakistan

FlexSim is pleased and excited to announce two new members of our international distributor family.

Meekat International is a fast-growing engineering solutions provider in Pakistan. They have a proven track record of providing their customers with support and guidance, and have worked with numerous corporations, utilities, and institutions of higher learning. Meekat brings the valuable experience of associations with SolidWorks and MATLAB, among other internationally-recognized products.

Kat Logistics is owned and managed by Katharina Albert, a material flow simulation expert based in Dubai and serving the entire Gulf region. Uniquely positioned to optimize material and information flow as well as implement lean facility design using 3D simulation, Kat Logistics has actively promoted these approaches at numerous conferences and industry events in her area.

FlexSim looks forward to a great relationship with these two innovative groups, and we continue to appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our distributors worldwide.

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