Continuous Simulation with FlexSim

Do you have an operation that handles bulk materials, fluids, or oil & gas flows? Our simulation software gives you the ability to analyze and optimize these continuous systems.

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Continuous Simulation with FlexSim


This module, developed by FlexSim partner TALUMIS, makes it possible to quickly and accurately integrate continuous processes in a FlexSim model. Using a cutting-edge approach to exclude unnecessary calculations, FloWorks can simulate even the most complex flow networks within seconds. From oil & gas to electrical energy and anything in between, let FloWorks calculate the optimal flow through your network.

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  • Integrates seamlessly with FlexSim, giving you access to stunning 3D visuals, flexible dashboard reporting, and powerful experimentation.
  • Built-in tools to find the best strategies for infrastructure expansion.
  • Find the storage capacity of a network or even a single location with the click of a button.
  • Anticipate and manage breakdowns in the network.
Simulate flow networks

From the Developers:

FLOWORKS objects are able to define splits and joins of flow, either on ratio’s or as preferred priorities. Flows can be delayed using pipe or conveyor objects, buffered in tanks or changed through unforeseen breakdowns or planned maintenance.

All objects have a built-in triggering mechanisms to fire on reaching certain tank levels, volumes being produced or received. This allows the modeler to accurately model the complex real life system in a fast and reliable way.

FlexSim’s Fluid Library

Our Fluid Library is included gratuit with every license and it packs enough features to simulate basic systems that involve moving liquid and bulk materials. The library consists of 12 powerful objects, and has been used by companies worldwide to model chemical plants, food production, and much more.

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FlexSim fluid objects

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