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Version 2019 (19.0)

Discover the new features and improvements found in the latest version of FlexSim, our flagship 3D simulation modeling software. We’re committed to regularly develop and refine our software, and this version includes updates and improvements to animations, the People Module, the A* Module, data and statistics, and the addition of a JT file importer.

Anyone can download FlexSim through their FlexSim Account and try it out under the free Express license. Users with current maintenance can upgrade their license through their FlexSim Account or within the FlexSim software.

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Visuals + Animation

JT File Importer

Import 3D model files from CAD software using the JT file format. These files import into FlexSim quickly without having to sacrifice data.

FlexSim's JT Importer

Directly Animate Bones

FlexSim has supported bone animations on 3D shapes for a while, but FlexSim 2019 now provides a way to directly animate 3D shapes with bones. Simply enter the Animations tool for the 3D shape, click the Bone Animations button, and choose Animate Bones Directly. The bones in the 3D shape will become visible and are now able to be rotated as part of your own custom animations.

Edit 3D Shapes with Bones

Parent Subcomponent to Bone

Ever wanted to have an operator hold something throughout an animation, like a tool or a clipboard? You now have the option to parent a subcomponent to a bone on a 3D shape within the Animations tool. All you have to do is use the Sampler to choose the bone that the subcomponent will parent to—it will “stick” there during the animation, moving and even rotating with the bone.

Parent Subcomponent to Bone

People Module

Person Flow, a New Process Flow Type

The new Person Process Flow type adds a few extra features from other types of Process Flows. It automatically creates an “Arrivals” flow where you can set the arrivals for people in your model. These arrivals are automatically connected to the “Person Flow,” where people move through the logic and behaviors you’ve specified in the model.

Person Process Flow

People Activity Sets

FlexSim 2019 comes with various activity sets to quickly create common groups of activities. Simply drag these templates into the model, hook them into your process logic, and edit as needed. For example, this lets you simply drag out the activity set for Transport then Process instead of having to individually drag out and arrange all the acquire activities, resources, and other elements that are involved.

People Activity Sets

Process Activity

The Process activity allows you to represent a delay time for a process, like the Delay activity. But unlike the Delay activity, you can also specify which objects or entities are involved in the process, what state they’re in during the process, and what happens when the process is preempted or resumed.

Process Activity

We’ve also…

  • Added a priority value to resource objects; it’s used when acquiring and preempting resources.
  • Made it easier to simulate shift schedules with Time Tables and Down Behaviors.
  • Improved the UI for how people objects are added to groups.

A* Module

Conditional Travel

You’ll notice a Condition field in the A* objects’ properties. This gives you the option to have travelers either follow or ignore a path, barrier or divider based on a condition, such as a label.

AStar Travel Conditions

Barrier Update

The barrier object has received a big update—instead of simply being a full-time barrier as before, it can now be partitioned into sections with different directions of allowed travel through each section. For example, you could partition the barrier to only allow travel through a small corridor, or you could have the barrier restrict the flow of traffic to only a northeastern direction.

AStar Patterned Barrier

Two-Way Path Toggle

Dividers and paths can quickly be toggled to be either one-way or two-way. You can find this checkbox in the new Properties window or Quick Properties menu for these objects.

We’ve also…

  • Developed a FlexScript API for A* objects and data.
  • Added a Mandatory Path object.
  • Added a heat map option based on the percentage of total traversals.


Improvements to Data and Charting

  • Added support for more SQL keywords: UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT.
  • Calculated tables and chart templates can now save their data during an experiment.
  • New options for the Milestone Collector.
  • More options for event listening in Statistics Collectors.
  • Can now enable/disable Statistics Collectors in the toolbox (right-click option).

Time Table Improvements

  • The Time Table’s weekly and daily modes now use an improved graphical display.
  • Various improvements to the user interface.
Time Table Weekly View

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