FlexSim Quarterly, October 2013 (plus exclusive King family video)

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Welcome to the third edition of FlexSim Quarterly, FlexSim’s official publication. In each issue we attempt to provide compelling, current content related to FlexSim products and the simulation world at large. No full page ads or marketing flack here — the articles and papers in FlexSim Quarterly are original and informative, and are presented in a professional setting.

This issue leads off with a letter to the readers by Cliff King, Chief Technical Officer at FlexSim. In it, Cliff shares a story of an afternoon teaching his grandson to ride a bicycle, and how some of the lessons he learned from the experience relate to simulation. He also shared a private family video from the outing that can be seen below.

The International feature was provided by FlexSim Brazil, who supported Falcare Equipamentos Industriais in the creation of a model simulating the pre-treatment and painting of tractor mats. A project review is included that gives an overview of the model. Next is a case study of a manufacturing process by D.A. Pathak and J.S. Bagi of K.I.T’s College of Engineering in India. The study was originally published in the International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (ISSN: 0975-5462), and has been edited, localized and reprinted in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License. Finally, graduate students at Lehigh University provided a paper titled “Quantifying HCP Burden of REMS Programs,” the first published work in their study of the incremental burden of REMS requirements.

We hope you enjoy the publication. Happy reading!

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