FlexSim Quarterly, July 2013

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Due to editing conflicts, this regularly scheduled edition of FlexSim Quarterly, originally set to publish in July, had to be held to August 1st.

Welcome to the second edition of FlexSim Quarterly, FlexSim’s official publication. In each issue we attempt to provide compelling, current content related to FlexSim products and the simulation world at large. No full page ads or marketing flack here — the articles and papers in FlexSim Quarterly are original and informative, and are presented in a professional setting.

The first issue starts with a “Letter to the Readers” authored by FlexSim CFO Roger Hullinger on the consequences of business decisions and how this relates to simulation. There is a news feature on the new Optimizer interface that will be appearing in FlexSim 7, which is set to be released later this year. We also have two papers in this issue, both from international FlexSim users. The first is a value proposition from Scheffer Krantechnik GmbH, a Germany company that is a leader in the field of crane technology. The second is a project review from Patrick Cloutier, the FlexSim distributor for Quebec, Canada, on a major investment for a frozen food manufacturer.

We hope you enjoy the publication. Happy reading!

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