FlexSim 2016 Update 1: Long-term stability, templates, more

We’ve introduced long term stability, templates, and other exciting features in the latest update to our flagship simulation software.

Improved Stability Through Multiple Releases

FlexSim 2016 Update 1, which was released on June 22, is a landmark release because it offers—for the first time—the option of two software versions. If you use FlexSim 2016 Update 1, you’ll receive the latest features and bug fixes just as with any new release of FlexSim. But you also have the option of choosing the stable branch of FlexSim (16.0.2); this long-term release will continue to receive bug fixes introduced in subsequent updates without the new features, giving you maximum stability. And when FlexSim 2017 comes out next year, a new long-term release will be available with all the great features that appeared in the various updates to FlexSim 2016.

Download FlexSim 2016 Update 1

Helpful, Easy-to-Use Templates

This release also introduces templates for Process Flow. These pre-made standard objects—along with two incredibly powerful AGV templates—can be customized using activities in Process Flow, as opposed to a combination of triggers and other methods. Does your processor need a unique cleaning delay? Choose the processor template and make it exactly how you need it be.

The AGV templates are game changers, vastly reducing the time you need to spend developing the logic for AGV models. Tasks such as parking, loading/unloading, work generation, and elevator control are basically pre-built and ready to be plugged into your layout. The video below shows an AGV parking itself and waiting for activation, done in seconds using a template.

Preempting Mid-Process

We’ve also introduced new preemption activities for Process Flow. This will have a big impact for integrating Time Tables and MTBF/MTTR into Process Flow logic—for example, you can listen to Time Table events, preempt a processor mid-process, and then restart the process later. This is useful when modeling situations such as machine breakdown, planned maintenance, and rigid shift schedules.

Other notable features include a restart delay for conveyor types (to specify an additional time delay before you start the conveyor again after an item blockage) and the ability to view and explore the data on “dead” tokens that have already passed through the model.

FlexSim 2016 Update 1 is available now through your FlexSim Account – just head over to your “Downloads” page and try it today!

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