Value Stream Mapping + Simulation

Taking Lean Initiatives to the Next Level

Value stream mapping has long been used by Lean practitioners to analyze existing systems and propose designs for future states. It’s an exercise normally done as a team with paper and pencil, white board, or sticky notes — a flow of ideas and continuous learning that computer software might never replace. We think that’s great! FlexSim has supported countless process improvement initiatives by providing dynamic answers to complex problems. Simulation allows you to take future state recommendations and test them in an accurate computer model. Let us be the next step in your Lean journey!

Process Improvement Strategy Meeting

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Where does simulation fit in with (and how does it benefit) a Lean process improvement analysis? In this white paper, we examine how simulation compares and contrasts with value stream mapping (VSM)—and show why simulation products like FlexSim are a great way to take your project to the next level.

In just 10 minutes, you’ll discover:

  • A (very brief) overview of value stream mapping and its advantages/disadvantages.
  • The three big ways that simulation overcomes some of the limitations of value stream mapping.
  • A case study with Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. showing how simulation can reinforce traditional Lean/Six Sigma techniques.

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