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FlexSim 2019 Update 1: People Visuals + Data, Multi-Floor Modeling (5/7/2019) - FlexSim 2019 Update 1 is out and ready for download! This version expands on the feature set of the People Module, adding better visuals, automatic data collection, chart templates, and elevators. There are also improvements for multi-floor modeling, query building, and much more. Check out this guide to learn more about the new features and […]
Finalists Announced for the 10th FlexSim Competition in Latin America (3/5/2019) - FlexSim Andina, FlexSim’s distributor in the north Andean region of South America—along with their colleagues across Latin America—are pleased to announce the finalists of the 10th Latin American FlexSim Competition. The three finalists are the Simulex Team and VITASIM Team, both from the San Francisco University of Quito (Quito, Ecuador), and the SEPROUN Team from […]
International Process Simulation Challenge (1/21/2019) - How bbw University of Applied Sciences and ESPRIT helped create a unique learning experience using FlexSim From December 14-16, 2018, bbw University of Applied Sciences (bbw Hochschule) hosted the first International Process Simulation Challenge. The event was held as part of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)-sponsored German-Arab short-term measures program, where bbw University of […]
FlexSim 2019: JT Importer, Deeper People and A* Modules (1/4/2019) - FlexSim 2019 is out and ready for download! Import JT files, experience improvements to the A* and People Modules, directly animate 3D shapes with bones, and much more. Check out this guide to learn more about the new features and improvements: https://www.flexsim.com/flexsim/whats-new/19-0/.
FlexSim 2018 Update 2: Cloud Simulation, Reversible Conveyors + More (8/9/2018) - Ready to run FlexSim models in the Cloud!? Cloud-based replications and other exciting features are available in FlexSim 2018 Update 2, now available worldwide for download. FlexSim now has the ability to use distributed CPUs in the Experimenter and Optimizer—either using Cloud computing, your own computers in a local network, or both. This means that […]
FlexSim InterMarium sits on Polish Chemistry panel discussion (7/10/2018) - FlexSim InterMarium, FlexSim’s distributor in Poland, recently participated in the 5th Congress of Polish Chemistry, the largest chemical industry event in the country. The main subject of the event was “Intelligent Industry – Intelligent Chemistry,” and taking part were FlexSim InterMarium’s President of the Board, Dr. Witold Aleksander Cempel, and also Łukasz Księżopolski, Director of […]
FlexSim announces Genetec as reseller in Japan (6/26/2018) - FlexSim is pleased to announce Genetec Co., Ltd. as its official reseller in Japan. Founded in 1985, Genetec is a respected software development company that specializes in the fields of information and communication. They have demonstrated success at selling engineering software in Japan, even achieving the No. 1 worldwide sales performance of Mastercam® products in […]
FlexSim involved in advancements with Industry 4.0 technologies (6/25/2018) - New digital twin and exoskeleton simulation projects developed with Comau showcase FlexSim’s capabilities in Industry 4.0 FlexSim Software Products, June 25, 2018 — FlexSim is excited to debut two advancements in simulation technology. The projects, developed with FlexSim’s partner in Italy, Flexcon s.r.l. in conjunction with Comau, have exciting applications in the ever-expanding world of […]
University of Bergamo introduces FlexSim software in classroom (5/18/2018) - University partners with simulation modeling company to provide industry-standard software to students and professors Bergamo, Italy, April 25, 2018 – The Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering, University of Bergamo has finalized an agreement with FlexSim Software Products, Inc. to provide 3D simulation modeling software to the university. Students and professors will receive the […]
FlexSim virtual reality at Nissan Barcelona FlexSim participates in event for Nissan Barcelona (5/4/2018) - FlexSim Iberia, the distributor of FlexSim products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, recently showcased simulation at an internal event in Nissan Barcelona. The event was attended by Nissan employees from different areas of the plant in Barcelona, Spain. They were shown FlexSim’s latest innovations in modeling production operations and virtual reality, allowing them to consider […]

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