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Why FlexSim is Superior for Material Handling

FlexSim has developed a simulation product that is up to the challenge of modeling complex material handling systems. We’ve leveraged the latest technology to improve upon an industry standard that hasn’t caught up to the needs of modern engineers. FlexSim is also committed to continuous development based on customer feedback, plus first-class support and service. In this white paper, we’ll demonstrate why FlexSim is the superior choice for material handling simulation.

In just 10 minutes, you’ll learn about:

  • FlexSim’s easy, code-free solution for modeling a complex conveyor system.
  • Special features for picking operations, which greatly enhances the realism in a model.
  • Premium modules, built specifically for material handling and included free with every license.
Material Handling Automation

It only takes 10 minutes to read. Download a free PDF copy of the white paper.

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