FlexSim welcomes APO as U.S. reseller

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. is excited to announce a new reseller in the U.S.—Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. (APO). APO has been a FlexSim user for several years and provided a valuable case study for a white paper FlexSim published recently on where simulation fits in with Lean principles and value stream mapping techniques.

The team at Advanced Process Optimization, Inc.

From Advanced Process Optimization, Inc.:

We at Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. are excited to be able to offer FlexSim® to our clients as an integrated component of our Stabilize then Optimize® solution. As a process improvement consultancy that uses Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques to design and re-engineer complex processes, having FlexSim® in our arsenal has proven to be invaluable in delivering optimized process solutions at the system level. Invariably our clients have seen our FlexSim® modeled solutions as a powerful tool in the sales cycle, through design, deployment, and also into integration. Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. can now offer this software to our clients to leverage continued value from the simulations and solutions we develop.

Feel free to contact the APO Team for help with Process Improvement using proven methods such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma – now analyzed, visualized, designed, and optimized with FlexSim®.

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