FlexSim Basics: Labels

Labels provide a way to store information on objects and flowitems in FlexSim. In this FlexSim Basics video, we introduce labels and demonstrate how to make use of them in a simulation model.

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FlexSim Basics: Port Connections

We have already rolled out nine FlexTips videos, our engaging tutorial series on a wide variety of modeling concepts. FlexTips videos have successfully addressed many different modeling scenarios, but they haven’t addressed the very BASIC skills needed to create a successful simulation in FlexSim.

FlexSim Basics are designed to do just that. We’ve worked closely with Regan Blackett, lead trainer at FlexSim, to create a thorough yet easy-to-follow video series for users who are new to FlexSim (or who would simply like a refresher course). There are nine videos planned for the series, each one covering a

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