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Tsinghua University Wins Fourth Annual HSPI Student Simulation Competition (2/27/2018) - Improving healthcare systems is truly an international effort—even within the upcoming generation of engineers. For the first time in the four-year history of the HSPI Student Simulation Competition, all three finalist teams represented universities outside the United States. On February 22, shortly after the student teams presented their solutions to a panel of judges, Tsinghua […]
FlexSim welcomes APO as U.S. reseller (12/22/2017) - FlexSim Software Products, Inc. is excited to announce a new reseller in the U.S.—Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. (APO). APO has been a FlexSim user for several years and provided a valuable case study for a white paper FlexSim published recently on where simulation fits in with Lean principles and value stream mapping techniques. From Advanced […]
FlexSim 2018: New tools for people-based systems, data gathering & charting (12/20/2017) - In 2018, we’re bringing the human element back into simulation with the People Module. This is just one of several exciting additions to FlexSim 2018, the latest version of our flagship simulation software—now available worldwide. The People Module, as you probably guessed, is all about people—where they go, who they interact with, and why they’re […]
First Student Simulation Competition in Tunisia (12/15/2017) - How can we encourage students to learn problem solving skills through real-world industrial applications? Esprit engineering school in Tunisia has found one answer: organize a student competition. The event featured 140 students organized into 27 teams, putting their modeling and analysis skills to the test on various topics proposed by industrial local partners—assembly lines of […]
Fourth Annual User Meeting for FlexSim Germany (11/15/2017) - The fourth FlexSim Germany User Meeting will be held November 21-23, 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany. With so many participants in the past two years opting for the opportunity of a training day in conjunction with the User Meeting, there will now be an additional day for an in-depth discussion […]
FlexSim 2017 Update 2: Better Data, Better Analysis (8/31/2017) - FlexSim 2017 Update 2 is now officially out and available for download! Current FlexSim users can upgrade right away—and anyone can download the latest version of FlexSim’s flagship simulation modeling software and try it out under the free Express license. The biggest change is in collecting and displaying data. We’ve introduced the Statistics Collector, a […]
VIII Gala of Logistics -- Poznan FlexSim featured at VIII Gala of Logistics (5/31/2017) - FlexSim is excited to be represented at the VIII Gala of Logistics, an annual event focused on “implementing modern technologies into business life.” The gala, which will be held on June 8th, 2017 in Poznan, Poland, is organized by faculty of the Management Engineering department and the Simulation and Optimization Center in Logistics and Production […]
FlexSim 2017 Update 1: More VR, improved ease of use (4/10/2017) - FlexSim 2017 Update 1 is now officially out and ready for download! Head over to the Downloads section of your account to get the software now. (Don’t have a FlexSim account? Sign up for free here!) This update to FlexSim 2017 takes FlexSim’s virtual reality capabilities to the next level. It starts with the Oculus […]
FlexSim 2017: Scripting and Process Flow improvements + more (1/4/2017) - Happy New Year! We’re ringing in 2017 by bringing you the latest edition of our flagship simulation software. A lot of the development in FlexSim 2017 centered around FlexScript, our powerful and easy-to-use scripting language. We believe the end result is a more cohesive and intuitive experience when you choose to use FlexScript in a […]
Third Annual User Meeting for FlexSim Germany (11/3/2016) - The third FlexSim Germany User Meeting will be held November 22-23, 2016 at the headquarters of Miele & Cie. KG. in Guetersloh, Germany. After last year’s successful addition of a FlexSim workshop to the user meeting, the same expanded program will be offered again this year. The meeting program includes: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 — […]

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