Über uns

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FlexSim) entwickelt state-of-the-art simulation modeling software to analyze, visualize, and improve real-world processes. As a high-tech company, we are driven to make bold advancements in our industry, making simulation-generated solutions more valuable, accessible, and easy to use for our customers.

Warum FlexSim?

Our clients include nationally and globally recognized corporations, including many organizations found in the Fortune 500. FlexSim personalized client support, consistent product development, and model building services are all ranked at the top of our industry.

Flexsim BBB Business Review

We realize that you go into a simulation study with a need for answers. FlexSim will help you succeed, and we will exceed your expectations every step of the way.


  • “The 3D aspect of FlexSim was just as powerful or more powerful than I could have hoped. Really pleased with the product and our decision. The Process Flow tool gives you an option that is really practical and real-world, especially in factories. Now, you have the ability to use Process Flow to get a very quick and rough, high level idea of which brainstormed ideas will provide the best output. Then, having used this to narrow down to 2-3 options, you can do detailed models in a much more focused way. With the two together [3D modeling and Process Flow], FlexSim is a fantastic product offering. Well done.”

    Michael Belote, Director of Manufacturing 2.0, LM Wind Power

  • “I had an excellent experience with FlexSim’s customer service. They responded to my question promptly and even wrote custom code to help me simulate the process. I really appreciate all the help.”

    Kelsie Edwards, Manufacturing Engineer, Lockheed Martin

  • FlexSim support has been very helpful although I have asked rather tricky questions at times. Also, the quality of the answers has been good as the developers themselves have answered my questions if the normal support personnel has not been able to.”

    Axel Kohonen, Simulation Consultant, Delfoi

  • FlexSim delivered a model that met all our expectations. We’ll be able to use it to validate the design of the system, and we’re excited to provide the end client with valuable insight for operational use.”

    Lisa Spry, Account Executive, Cisco-Eagle

Unsere Geschichte

FlexSim was founded in 1993 by Bill Nordgren (Co-Founder, ProModel Corporation, 1988), Roger Hullinger, and Cliff King, originally under the name F&H Simulations, Inc. F&H Simulations sold, supported, and conducted training courses for Taylor II simulation software—which was owned and developed by Holland’s F&H Simulation B.V (F&H Holland).

In 1998, F&H Holland developed the first-generation 3D object-oriented simulation engine Taylor ED (Enterprise Dynamics). F&H Simulations assisted with the development of robust objects for use in Taylor ED, and continued to sell, consult, and train in the new software.

In 2000, as F&H Holland was being acquired, F&H Simulations took the opportunity to become independent. Dr. Eamonn Lavery and Anthony Johnson joined to oversee product architecture and begin development of a new 3D object-oriented simulation software called FlexSim®. F&H Simulations, Inc. changed its name to FlexSim Software Products, Inc. FlexSim® 1.0 was released in February 2003, boasting a state-of-the-art simulation engine, a 3D modeling environment, and seamless integration with C++—all firsts in discrete event simulation.

In the 15 years since, FlexSim® has become the standard in discrete event simulation software. With a vast array of tools covering manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, logistics, and supply chain, FlexSim® is the preferred choice of a fast-moving global marketplace that needs quick and accurate answers. FlexSim—Problem Solved®.

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