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3D Simulationssoftware zur Analyse

Understand and improve any system or process. FlexSim will help you transform your existing data into accurate predictions.

Risk-Free Virtual Environment

Erstellen Sie ein dynamisches Computermodell Ihres Systems und testen Sie „Was-wäre-wenn“-Szenarien, um zu sehen, was in der realen Welt funktioniert.

Analysis Beyond Spreadsheets

Verbessern Sie ältere, statische Analysen! FlexSim accounts for time, space, variability, and the complex relationships within your system.

3D Visuals + Validation

FlexSim’s 3D environment and stunning visuals lets you really see what’s happening. It’s a second, critical level of validation.


Simulation in practice.

Learn how smart companies use FlexSim to dynamically model their operations, understand their complex systems, and make better decisions.


Wie man anfängt?

  1. Not sure exactly what this technology is? Learn more about 3D simulation modeling and analysis.
  2. Besuch des FlexSim Produkt-Seite to learn more about our flagship 3D simulation modeling and analysis software.
  3. Lesen Sie ein Fallstudie or two to see how other organizations have used FlexSim to understand their systems and make better decisions.
  4. Watch one of our Videos to see the software and its features in action—and to see just how easy it is to model and analyze your processes with FlexSim.
  5. Choose one of the industries below to see some simulation models, and also to learn more about how simulation can benefit the industry:

Wer benutzt FlexSim?

Any company in any industry can save time and money with FlexSim. Dutzende von Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders worldwide benutzen FlexSim for their simulation needs. Why don’t you?

Bereit zu versuchen FlexSim? Download the free trial and start simulating today!