A FlexSim Support Experience

Today, we’re going to examine a support case involving a FlexSim user who has just a few months’ experience with the software. Most of the user’s questions were resolved in one day, but the case continued more than a month later with several additional follow-up questions.

Meng-Yang Chen, an electrical engineer at Beckman Coulter, initially contacted FlexSim with a support question on February 6th, 2013. His question involved processor logic, and was answered the same day by Cameron Pluim, a support expert at FlexSim. This began a back and forth of email correspondence that resulted in four distinct

Why would you choose FlexSim, anyway?

It would be a bold-faced lie to declare that businesses have only one choice in simulation software. There are dozens of companies that dabble in process simulation software, and they can be large and small, new and well-established.

The real difference in simulation software lies in how accurately and quickly you get results, especially in regard to how much effort you have to put into your simulation tool. I can tell you that FlexSim offers full 3D visuals, easy-to-use drop-down lists, and unlimited extensibility. I am, of course, not exactly an unbiased observer.

So the question you

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