FlexSim Presents “Zombie Attack”, a simulation game

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It finally happened: the virus outbreak that has changed 80% of the earth’s population into the living dead. But in a twist from mythology, zombies don’t need to feed on brains – they want power!


Mankind has the technology to produce energy cubes, containers that seem to satiate the undead for days. You manage a manufacturing plant in one of the last human cities. Your job: to fabricate enough energy cubes to keep the advancing undead horde away from the citizens of the town,

Recap of the 4th Annual FlexSim IIE Competition

1st and 3rd place winners at the 4th Annual FlexSim Competition

Each year since 2009, FlexSim Software Products has taken part in the FlexSim IIE Competition, presented by Vatic Consulting Group. The competition pits groups of university students from across Latin America against each other to solve a test case using FlexSim simulation software.

The winners were announced at the 9th IIE regional conference in Bogota, Colombia on March 15th, 2013. This years winners were:

First Place: New Engineering Consulting Group, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico
Second Place: SimBrasil, Universidade Federal

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