FlexSim involved in advancements with Industry 4.0 technologies

New digital twin and exoskeleton simulation projects developed with Comau showcase FlexSim’s capabilities in Industry 4.0

FlexSim Software Products, June 25, 2018 — FlexSim is excited to debut two advancements in simulation technology. The projects, developed with FlexSim’s partner in Italy, Flexcon s.r.l. in conjunction with Comau, have exciting applications in the ever-expanding world of Industry 4.0.

The digital twin project was developed as a virtual reality application that integrates with other software applications. It’s used to provide real-time data displays in the fast-moving automotive sector. Visitors will be immersed in a production

FlexSim 7.3 to debut with a focus on convenience

One of FlexSim’s technical support representatives remembers an incident that cost him a sizeable chunk of time while on a support case. During his work on the model, Cameron Pluim accidently overwrote the save file containing the changes he had made. Luckily there was a backup, but almost an hour of work was lost because an AutoSave feature, now available in FlexSim 7.3, wasn’t available yet.

“I would have loved to have had AutoSave then,” Cameron said. “I think it’ll be well appreciated now.”

FlexSim Healthcare 4.3.4 due for release today

The latest version of FlexSim Healthcare (4.3.4) is due to be released this afternoon and will primarily address bug fixes while adding a few new minor enhancements and features.

Bar charts and box plots are now able to support negative numbers, a useful addition that resulted from a user’s model. In the model, this person was attempting to track variance between patients arriving early or late to their appointment times; the bar chart needed to support negative numbers in order to show patients arriving before their appointment time. The finished product, using the new

FlexSim’s second free module, designed to simulate AGV systems

Creating an AGV system within a simulation model is now easier than ever before with FlexSim’s free AGV module.

The module, now available for download through the Online Content section in the FlexSim software, marks the first dedicated material handling product developed by FlexSim.

What can it do? The AGV module is a better alternative to using Network Nodes to manage AGV systems. It was actually built with real-world AGV systems in mind, utilizing familiar industry terminology (such as Look For Work and Control Point), dedicated objects, and intuitive tools. The animated GIF

FlexSim 7.1 released and available for download

FlexSim 7.1 was officially released on Monday and is available for download at www.flexsim.com. Anyone can download FlexSim 7.1 to test its functionality in the free Express version. Those under current maintenance can upgrade their license and activate the Enterprise version through their FlexSim Account or within the FlexSim 7.1 software.

We covered some of the new features in a blog post last week, but a more comprehensive look at the new features can be

FlexSimposium PL 2014 to be held Jan. 29th

FlexSimposium PL 2014, a symposium of simulation and optimization of processes, will be held at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland on January 29th.

The event features presentations by by representatives of notable organizations in the region, including Pratt & Whitney Kalisz, Teamtechnik Skawina, Cempel Consulting, and the Wroclaw Airport. A small group session on model construction in FlexSim for beginners will be held by Dr. Marcin Plewa and Dr. Grzegroz Wrobel.

For more information on the event, please contact Dr. Marcin Plewa (contact information in the event flier, shown below).


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