Case Study Week: Day One

FlexSim Case Study Week

The Design of an Autonomic Controller for Self-Managed Emergency Departments

On day one of Case Study Week, we’re going to examine a paper titled “The Design of an Autonomic Controller for Self-Managed Emergency Departments” by Dr. Serene Al-Momen and Dr. Daniel A. Menascé, who both have connections to George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

The paper can be viewed at this location.

In their research, Almomen and Menascé sought to present a design to an autonomic controller for a self-managed emergency department, which would serve to adjust the parameters of the emergency department so that a certain level of service is always met.

FlexSim HC was used to simulate an emergency department that consisted of a finite number of resources; the model contained three unique patient tracks. The researchers used results from their simulation model and a combinatorial search algorithm to attempt to obtain “a near-optimal configuration… for the ED without performing an exhaustive search of the space of all possible configurations.”

Brief Author Biographies (from the text)

Dr. Daniel A. Menascé is a University Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University and was the Senior Associate Dean of its Volgenau School of Engineering from 2005 to 2012. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA and has authored over 215 papers and five books. Menascé is a Fellow of the ACM. His research interests include autonomic computing, analytic computer system performance evaluation, and software performance engineering.

Dr. Serene Al-Momen received her PhD in Information Technology from George Mason University; her Doctoral Dissertation was titled “A Self-managed Healthcare Emergency Department System”. She received an MS from John Hopkins University and a BS from Oklahoma State University.

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