Take it a step further with FlexSim – Course 2

FlexSim Training Course 2


FlexSim Training Course 2 introduces more advanced concepts, allowing the user to customize modeling logic and use FlexSim’s more advanced modeling tools. Users who master this material can write their own model behavior in C++ or Flexscript and create more abstract simulation models.

Topics covered include:

  • Advanced coding with Flexscript
  • Advanced interfacing of Excel with FlexSim Models
  • Working with the BasicConveyor object
  • Abstract manipulation of TaskSequences and TaskExecuter objects
  • Statistical analysis and scenario manipulation with the Experimenter and ExpertFit
  • Custom object animations with kinematics
  • Model re-usability and organization with User Libraries and custom object groups
  • Introduction to Course 3 concepts: Custom Object Creation, GUI development


Course 2 is held several times per year, according to user requests. Contact us to request Course 2 Training at our site or yours. View the FlexSim Calendar to see if there are any public Course 2 Training sessions already scheduled.