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FlexSim makes it easy to analyze and optimize any system in any industry.

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What is FlexSim?

FlexSim Software Products has been pushing the boundaries of simulation software for 20 years. Our goal has been and always will be to create the best simulation software, tools that are both powerful and user-friendly. We will have accomplished that goal if you use one of our industry-leading products to optimize your current or planned process, reduce waste, and increase revenue. Try FlexSim for free today.

FlexSim means value.

FlexSim is different from other sim software developers in that we are entirely focused on providing value to you and your business. We listen attentively to customer needs and invest the vast majority of our time and resources into development instead of marketing and advertising—all so our software can provide maximum value to our customers. Our active user base and knowledgeable technical support staff is ready and willing to help you make the most of your software simulation experience. We know you want answers about your business process, and we want to help you find them.

Simulate. Analyze. Optimize. All with FlexSim.

Why simulate?

The right tool.

You don’t drive a nail with a screw driver, and you don’t use a spreadsheet as simulator software.

Remove waste.

By analyzing a system in a well-made simulation model, you are given access to relevant data that will aid in discovering and removing waste.

Increase revenue.

Simulation allows you to tweak and test important facets of your business, and determine which changes will optimize your system and increase revenue.

Sell ideas.

Advanced 3D graphics can help management or clients visualize the environment and buy into a new system or a proposed change.

Not convinced?

Why not give it a try, then? FlexSim Express is a simulation package that’s easy to use without skimping on content—you’ll get full access to FlexSim’s object library, graphical and animation capabilities, and dashboard analytics tools. It can also be expanded with FlexSim’s powerful, free add-ons (like the AGV module) to pack in even more features. And yes, FlexSim Express is always 100% free – even for commercial uses. So what are you waiting for?